How Do You Tie the Sinker on the Bottom of a Fishing Line?

Tying a sinker to the bottom of a fishing line is an important task for fishermen who are looking to catch deeper-dwelling fish. The right technique will ensure that the sinker stays in place and doesn’t slip off during your fishing expedition. There are two main methods used when it comes to tying a sinker to the bottom of a fishing line: the Uni Knot, and the Clinch Knot.

Uni Knot: This is one of the most commonly used knots for attaching a sinker to a fishing line. It’s incredibly simple, and all you need is some basic knot-tying skills. Start by making a loop with your line and feed the end through it, then make four or five turns around the loop before feeding the end back through the original loop again.

Next, draw up on both ends to tighten the knot before trimming off any excess line.

Clinch Knot: This knot is slightly more complicated but still relatively easy to tie. Start by making an overhand knot at the end of your line then feed both ends through your sinker before bringing them back up towards the overhand knot. Make five or six turns around both ends of your line then thread them back through the eyelet of your sinker. Finally, draw up on both ends and trim any excess line.


Tying a sinker onto a fishing line may seem like an intimidating task but it’s really quite straightforward if you know what knots to use. The Uni Knot and Clinch Knot are two of the most commonly used knots for this purpose, and with just some basic knot-tying skills you should be able to get it done in no time!

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