How Do You Tie Fishing Line to a Trolling Reel?

Tying fishing line to a trolling reel is an important task for anglers to master. Trolling reels are specifically designed for trolling, which is a method of fishing used to catch large pelagic fish such as tuna and marlin. Trolling reels are spooled with heavy monofilament or braided lines, and the knots used to tie them must be strong and reliable in order to ensure that the line stays secure during a big fight.

The Palomar Knot is one of the most popular knots used for tying fishing line to a trolling reel.

It is strong and reliable, and it’s also relatively easy to tie. To tie it, start by doubling the line over itself and passing it through the eyelet on the reel. Then, make five wraps around both strands of the doubled line before threading the tag end back through the loop created at the eyelet. Make sure that all wraps are tight with no twists or kinks in them. Once all wraps are in place, moisten them with saliva or water before pulling on both ends of the line until the knot tightens up securely against the eyelet on your reel.

Another popular knot for tying fishing line to a trolling reel is known as an Albright Knot. This knot is slightly more complicated than a Palomar Knot but it’s still relatively easy to tie with some practice.

Start by creating two loops in your doubled line by bringing one side of it over itself and then threading it through one side of its own loop (this should look like an open ended lasso). Then, twist each loop six times before bringing both loops together and threading them through each other so they form one large loop around your double line. Finally, pull on both ends until you have a tight knot at the base of your loops.

Finally, there’s also another popular choice among anglers that want to tie their fishing lines securely โ€“a Double Uni Knot. This knot is similar to an Albright Knot but instead of making six twists with each loop, you make four twists instead before bringing them together into one large loop as mentioned above. Once again, make sure you moisten your wraps with saliva or water before pulling on both ends until you have a tight knot at the base.

In conclusion, there are several different knots that can be used for tying fishing lines securely onto trolling reels โ€“the Palomar Knot, Albright Knot and Double Uni Knot being some of the most popular ones among anglers today. All three knots are relatively easy to learn after some practice but they’re also strong enough so that you won’t have any problems during a big fight while out on open waters!

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