How Do You Tie a Wind Chime Fishing Line?

Tying a fishing line to a wind chime can be a tricky task, but with some patience, it is possible. Before beginning, you’ll need to gather the necessary supplies: fishing line, a wind chime, and a pair of scissors or wire cutters.

Step 1: Cut the Fishing Line

Using your scissors or wire cutters, cut the fishing line to the desired length. For optimal results, choose a length of fishing line that is slightly shorter than the wind chime’s hanger. This will ensure that the wind chime hangs at an appropriate height without any excess slack.

Step 2: Create an Overhand Knot

Take one end of the fishing line and tie an overhand knot close to its end. This knot should be small enough that it won’t slide down the length of the fishing line when hung from the wind chime.

Step 3: Tie Around Wind Chime Hanger

Next, take your knotted end and wrap it around your wind chime hanger until it is secure. You may need to use pliers or another tool if you are unable to make a tight knot by hand.

Step 4: Create Another Overhand Knot
Create another overhand knot at the other end of your fishing line in order to ensure that it does not slip off of your wind chime hanger when hung. You may also choose to create multiple knots for added security.

Step 5: Hang Wind Chime
Once both ends are securely tied around your wind chime hanger, you can hang up your newly-made creation! Depending on where you hang it and how much weight is on each side, you may need to adjust the length of your fishing line accordingly.


Tying fishing line to a wind chime can seem intimidating at first, but with some patience and practice it is easy enough for anyone! Just remember to keep safety in mind when handling tools and make sure all knots are securely tied before hanging up your new creation.

How Do You Tie a Wind Chime Fishing Line?

Tying a fishing line to a wind chime requires cutting the desired length of line, creating an overhand knot close to one end of it, tying it around the hanger on top of the wind chime, creating another overhand knot at the other end for security purposes, then hanging up your new creation! With careful attention and practice anyone can master this simple task.

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