How Do You Tie a Loop Knot on a Fishing Line?

Learning the loop knot is a great way to secure the fishing line to any type of lure or bait. This knot is also one of the most reliable knots when it comes to tying a line to a hook, swivel, or leader.

It is relatively simple to tie and can be done with almost any type of fishing line. Here are some steps you can follow when tying this knot:

Step 1: Form a Loop – Take your fishing line and make a loop by folding it in half. Make sure that the ends of the loop are even in length so that it will be easier to tie.

Step 2: Wrap the Line Around Itself – Take one end of the line and wrap it around itself three or four times. Make sure that you keep your wraps tight so that they don’t come undone later on.

Step 3: Pass Through the Loop – Take the end of the line that you just wrapped around itself and thread it through the loop at the base of your wraps. Pull tight to make sure that everything is secure.

Step 4:Tighten The Knot – Once everything is in place, pull on both ends of your fishing line at the same time until you feel like you have a secure knot. Make sure that there are no gaps in between your wraps and that everything is nice and tight before you move on.


The loop knot is an easy way to securely tie any type of fishing line to lures, swivels, leaders, or hooks. By following these steps, you should be able to tie this knot with ease, ensuring that your fishing trips will be successful.

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