How Do You Tie a Loop in Braided Fishing Line?

Tying a loop in braided fishing line is a simple process that provides a secure connection to the fishing lure, making it easier to cast and more likely to snag a fish. The most common method of tying a loop in braided fishing line is known as the uni knot. It may take some practice, but with some patience and following the right steps, you can create a secure loop in no time.

Step 1: Start by snipping off about 12 inches of braided line from the spool. If you are using a heavier line, double or triple the length.

Step 2: Now tie an overhand knot around your index finger with one end of the line. Make sure to leave about 6 inches of slack on either side of your finger.

Step 3: Take the slack on both sides and make two figure-eight loops around your finger. Make sure they are even in size and that you don’t twist them.

Step 4: Now pull on both ends of the line until it tightens up around your finger. This should form two loops that look like bunny ears.

Step 5: Take one of the loops and pass it through the other loop, then pull on both ends until it is nice and tight. Now slide off your finger and you should have a completed uni knot loop.


With some patience and practice, tying a loop in braided fishing line can be done quickly and easily. The uni knot is the most popular method for creating a secure connection between your lure and fishing line, ensuring that each cast is successful in catching more fish!

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