How Do You Tie a Leader to Braided Fishing Line?

Tying a leader to braided fishing line is an essential skill for any angler. Braided line is often used for its strength and durability, making it perfect for larger fish or aggressive casting techniques. It can be quite tricky to tie a leader to braided line, but with a few simple steps, you can quickly master the technique.

The primary tools you need to tie a leader to braided line are an appropriate-sized hook and a pair of pliers. Start by threading the hook through the eye of the braid and then pull the tag end of the braid through partway.

Now, loop the tag end around itself and tie an overhand knot. Tighten it up with your pliers, while also ensuring that you have not cinched down too tightly on your line itself.

Next, take your leader line and thread it through the loop created by tying off your braid. Pull about 6 inches of leader through the loop so you have enough material to work with.

Now tie an improved clinch knot with your leader material and pull it tight with your pliers. Finally, trim off any excess material from both lines.


Tying a leader to braided fishing line can be intimidating for first-time anglers but with practice and patience anyone can learn how to do it properly. By following these simple steps and using appropriate tools like hooks and pliers, almost anyone can master this skill in no time at all.

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