How Do You Tie a Knot for a Fly Fishing Loop?

Fly fishing is a popular sport that requires a special type of knot in order to attach the line to the hook. The knot used to connect the two is known as a fly fishing loop knot.

This type of knot is essential for any fly fisherman, as it helps ensure that the line won’t slip off and you can cast with confidence. Knowing how to tie a fly fishing loop knot is an important skill that every angler should master.

To begin creating a fly fishing loop knot, the initial step is to form an overhand loop at the end of the line. This can be accomplished by taking the tag end of the line and wrapping it around your index finger twice. Afterward, proceed to thread the tag end through the loop and tighten it. This will result in the formation of an overhand loop.

Now you need to make an overhand knot on top of your overhand loop. To do this, take your tag end and pass it over itself twice so that it passes through its own loop. Pull tight and you will have an overhand knot on top of your existing loop.

The last step is to create another overhand loop on top of your existing overhand knot. This time, instead of passing the tag end through its own loop, wrap it around both sides of the original overhand knot before passing through itself again. Pull tight and you have completed your fly fishing loop knot.


Tying a fly fishing loop knot may seem complicated at first, but with a bit of practice anyone can master this technique. By following these simple steps and practicing often, you’ll soon be able to tie perfect knots each time and enjoy successful days out on the water!

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