How Do You Tie a Fishing Line to a Cane Pole?

Fishing with a cane pole is a relaxing and fun way to enjoy nature. It’s inexpensive, simple, and can be done almost anywhere.

But before you can start fishing, you need to learn how to tie a fishing line to a cane pole.

The most common type of knot used for tying fishing line to a cane pole is the Palomar knot. This knot is strong and easy-to-tie while still being able to slip through the eyes of the reel when casting.

First, thread the line through the eye at the tip of the pole and tie an overhand knot in it. Next, make an overhand loop in the end of the line and pull it through the eye again. Then take both ends of the line and thread them back through the loop you just made.

Now take both ends of the line and make two more loops together around your finger or thumb as if you were making a figure 8. Pull each loop tight against each other so that there is no slack in between them. Then pull each end of the line tight against itself so that it forms a complete knot.

Once your Palomar Knot is tied, you can attach your lure or bait at one end of your line. Be sure to leave some slack so that your bait has enough space to move freely when casting or retrieving your lure.


Tying a fishing line to a cane pole is simple with practice. By following these steps, you can easily learn how to tie a Palomar Knot which will give you an effective and reliable connection between your fishing line and pole.

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