How Do You String a Zebco Slingshot Fishing Pole?

Stringing a Zebco Slingshot Fishing Pole is a simple task and requires only basic tools.

The first step in stringing a Zebco Slingshot Fishing Pole is to acquire the necessary tools and supplies. These include the fishing pole, an appropriate line for the type of fishing you plan to do, scissors, pliers and a ruler or tape measure. It is also helpful to have someone else available to help hold the pole in place while you work on it.

Once you have all of your supplies gathered, start by measuring out the desired length of line that you need for your fishing pole. Cut the line with your scissors and be sure to leave some extra line so that it can be attached securely to the reel. Now that you have your line cut, tie one end of it to one of the eyes at the tip of your rod, making sure that the knot is secure.

Next, attach one end of your line onto the reel using either a loop knot or an arbor knot. To tie an arbor knot, simply wrap one end around itself multiple times before threading it through and tying it off with a half hitch knot. To tie a loop knot, simply tie several loops in both ends of your line before securing them with a double overhand knot at each end.

Once you have attached your line securely to both ends of your rod and reel, it is time to string up your Zebco Slingshot Fishing Pole. Start by threading one end of the line through each eyelet along the length of your rod starting from the top down towards the handle.

Make sure that all knots are tight and secure so that they will not come undone during use. Once all lines are threaded through their respective eyelets, pull them tight and trim any excess off with your scissors.


Stringing a Zebco Slingshot Fishing Pole is not difficult as long as you have all necessary supplies and tools handy as well as someone to help hold things in place while you work on it. With these simple steps listed above, it should take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish!

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