How Do You String a Flower on a Fishing Line?

Stringing a flower on a fishing line is a great way to add a unique touch to your home décor. It’s also an easy and cost effective way to decorate your walls, window sills, and other interior spaces.

The first step in this project is to gather the supplies that you’ll need. You will need a length of fishing line, scissors, and the flower of your choice. Once you have these items, it’s time to get started!



Cut the fishing line so that it is about 10 inches longer than the desired length of your flower string. This will give you enough slack for tying off at the end.

2. Tie a loop at one end of the fishing line with a simple knot for attaching your flower.

3. Select your flower and gently slide it onto the fishing line, making sure to leave enough room for adding other flowers if desired.

4. Once all of the flowers are in place, tie off the end with another simple knot.

Optional Step:

If you would like extra security for your flower string, you can use hot glue or clear tape to secure each flower individually.


Stringing flowers on fishing line is an easy and affordable way to add beauty and charm to any area in your home. With just a few simple steps, you can create stunning wall art or window décor that will last for years!

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Emma Gibson