How Do You String a Fishing Pole With a Closed Reel?

Stringing a fishing pole with a closed reel is not as difficult as it may seem. You will need to gather your tools and materials before you begin, such as a rag to cover the spool of the reel, pliers for some of the adjustments, and fishing line. Once you have all of these items together, you are ready to begin.

Step 1: Before you start stringing your fishing pole, it is important to make sure that the open bail arm of your reel is facing the same direction as the handle. If it is not in the proper position, you can use your pliers to move it into place.

Step 2: Lay out your fishing line on a flat surface and use your pliers to cut off a length that is twice as long as the rod’s length.

Then, tie one end of the line onto one eyelet on your rod, using an overhand knot.

Step 3: With a rag covering the spool of your closed reel, pull out enough line from it so that there is approximately 1 foot of extra line beyond what was cut off in Step 2. Tie this end onto the other eyelet on your rod with an overhand knot.

Step 4: Now you need to attach a leader or swivel onto one end of your fishing line by tying an overhand knot around its eyelet.

Step 5: Slide the open bail arm of your reel back into place by pushing down on its lever until it clicks into place.

Step 6: Take both ends of your line and feed them through each side of the open bail arm until they reach through to the other side. Then pull up slightly on each end so that they are taut.


Stringing a fishing pole with a closed reel is easy when you have all of the necessary items and know how to do it properly. With just 6 simple steps, anyone can learn how to properly string their fishing poles in no time at all!

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