How Do You Straighten Fishing Line?

Straightening out a fishing line can be an important part of the fishing process. Not only can it help to ensure that your line isn’t tangled up, but it can also help you to make sure that the line isn’t frayed or damaged, which could lead to a bad catch.

There are several different ways that you can straighten out a fishing line. The method that you choose will depend on the type of line you are using, as well as the level of straightness and smoothness that you need for your particular setup.

Hot Water Method
One of the most popular methods for straightening out fishing lines is by using hot water. This is particularly effective if you are using a monofilament line, as the heat from the water will help to soften it up and make it easier to work with.

To use this method, fill a bucket or sink with hot water and submerge your line in it for a few minutes. After removing it from the water, be sure to run your fingers along its length in order to work any kinks out. Then hang it up so that it can dry completely before storing it away.

Hanging Method
The hanging method is another great way to straighten out a fishing line, especially if you are using braided or fluorocarbon lines which cannot be softened or reshaped with hot water. In this case, all you need to do is tie one end of your line around an anchor point such as a tree branch or fence post and then allow it to hang freely in order for gravity to work its magic on any bends or kinks in your line. You may need to adjust how much weight is hanging off of the end in order to achieve optimal results, but doing so should be relatively simple and straightforward once you have identified any problem spots along your line’s length.

Manual Method
If neither of these methods seems suitable for your situation, then there is always the option of manually working out any kinks by running your fingers along its length while pulling gently on either side of each bend. This method does require some patience and attention-to-detail however; otherwise you risk damaging or fraying the fibers within your line if you pull too hard or too often in one spot.


Straightening out fishing lines does not have to be difficult; all it takes is some patience and careful technique. Whether you choose to use hot water, hanging weights or manual manipulation in order to achieve optimal results depends upon what type of material your fishing lines are made from and how much time you are willing spend on setting them up correctly before heading out onto the water.

How Do You Straighten Fishing Line?

Straightening out a fishing line requires patience and careful technique depending upon what type of material they’re made from.

The most popular methods include using hot water (for monofilament lines), hanging weights (for braided/fluorocarbon lines) or manual manipulation (which requires attention-to-detail). With any method chosen, being able to effectively straighten a fishing line will ensure that no damage occurs during usage – resulting in more successful catches!

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