How Do You Store Ice Fishing Rods?

Ice fishing requires specialized gear, including rods designed for the cold and often harsh conditions associated with winter weather. In order to protect your investment, proper storage of your ice fishing rods is essential.

Step 1: Clean your rod and reel before storing, paying particular attention to the moving parts that can become clogged with ice and snow during a day on the lake. Use a mild soap and warm water if necessary to get rid of any dirt and debris that may have accumulated.

Step 2:Lubricate any moving parts with a light oil such as WD-40 or a dedicated fishing rod lubricant to ensure that they are not damaged by dryness or rusting during storage.

Step 3:Wrap the rod in an old towel or cloth for extra protection against scratches and other damage. This will also help absorb any moisture that may have collected on the rod during its use.

Step 4: Store your rod in an appropriate container such as a rod locker, tackle box, or even an old dresser drawer lined with a soft cloth. Make sure the container is well ventilated so that moisture can escape and prevent rusting of metal components.

Step 5: Cover the stored rods with wax paper or plastic wrap to reduce dust accumulation while in storage.


Proper storage of your ice fishing rods is essential to maintaining their performance and longevity. Cleaning, lubricating, wrapping, storing in an appropriate container, and covering them will help ensure they are ready for another great day on the ice when you are.

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