How Do You Store a Fishing Rod in a Travel Trailer?

Storing a fishing rod in a travel trailer can be a challenging task, especially if you’re trying to find the right balance between accessibility and keeping the rod safe. There are several options available that are both functional and stylish.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use option, a wall mount is often the best choice. Wall mounts allow you to store the rod with ease, as they attach directly to the wall of your trailer with screws or adhesive.

This is also beneficial because it keeps your rod organized and out of the way.

If you want something more secure, a locking rod holder may be the way to go. These holders are designed to keep your rods secure while you’re away from your trailer. They come in various sizes and can be mounted directly to the floor or wall of your trailer.

For those who don’t want their rods visible at all times, there are also options available such as locking cabinets and enclosed storage boxes. These can be installed in any area of your trailer and provide added security for your rods while providing an aesthetically pleasing look.

Finally, if you want something even more secure, a safe might be an ideal option for protecting your rods from theft or damage. Safes come in various shapes and sizes depending on how many rods you need to store.


No matter what type of fishing rod storage system you choose for your travel trailer, it is important that it is both accessible and secure. The best way to ensure this is by researching different products available and deciding which one best meets your needs.

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