How Do You Store a Fishing Pole in a Truck Bed?

Storing a fishing pole in a truck bed can be a great way to keep your equipment safe and secure while you travel. It also allows for easy access in case you need to quickly get to your gear.

There are several options available when it comes to storing a fishing pole in the truck bed, depending on the size and type of the pole.

If you have a smaller fishing pole, such as a fly rod or telescoping rod, then you can usually just secure it with bungee cords or ratchet straps. This is the simplest and most cost effective way of securing your fishing rod.

You just attach one end of the cord or strap to one side of the truck bed and then stretch it across to the other side and fasten it there. This will help keep your rod secure while in transit.

For larger rods, such as casting rods or surf rods, you may want to consider using a rod holder specifically designed for use in truck beds. These holders are usually made from plastic or metal and feature adjustable clamps that attach onto the sides of your truck bed. They provide secure storage for several rods at once and make it much easier to transport multiple poles at once.

You may also want to consider purchasing an aftermarket storage solution specifically designed for use with pickup trucks. These systems typically feature adjustable racks that mount onto either side of the truck bed, allowing you to store up to four rods vertically. This is an ideal solution if you regularly find yourself needing to transport multiple rods at once.


Storing a fishing pole in a truck bed is an easy way to keep your equipment safe while travelling. There are several options available depending on the size and type of the pole, ranging from bungee cords or ratchet straps for smaller poles, rod holders for larger ones, or aftermarket storage solutions for storing multiple poles at once.

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