How Do You Start Making a Fishing Pole?

Fishing is a great pastime that can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation. The key to successful fishing is having the right gear. To get started, you need to know how to make your own fishing pole.

The first step in making a fishing pole is gathering all of the necessary materials. You will need a length of high-quality fishing line, a length of PVC pipe or wood, some weights, hooks, swivels, and any other tackle you may need for your particular style of fishing. Make sure the line you choose is strong enough for the type of fish you are Targeting.

Next, cut the PVC pipe or wood to the desired length for your pole. Make sure it’s long enough to cast comfortably and that it has enough weight for stability when reeling in a fish. If you’re using PVC pipe, you’ll also need to drill holes at each end for attaching the line and weights.

Once the pole is cut to size, attach the reel by screwing it into place on one end. Then thread your chosen line through one of the holes in the opposite end and tie it off securely using a fisherman’s knot or similar knotting technique. Finally, attach any necessary weights near the end of your pole so that they don’t interfere with casting or reeling in a catch.


Making your own fishing pole can be an enjoyable process if done properly. With quality materials and tools at hand, anyone can make their own custom-made rod in no time! With patience and practice, soon enough you’ll be reeling in catches like an experienced angler!

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Lindsay Collins