How Do You Shrink Wrap a Fishing Pole?

Shrink wrapping your fishing pole is a great way to protect it from the elements and keep it in good condition for longer. The process itself is relatively simple and can be done with just a few items. All you need is shrink wrap, a heat gun or hairdryer, scissors, and some masking tape.

Start by covering the area you’ll be working on with masking tape. This will protect any surface that comes in contact with the heat gun or hairdryer from being damaged.

Next, cut off a piece of shrink wrap that’s slightly larger than the fishing pole. Place the wrap on top of the fishing pole and use your heat gun or hairdryer to shrink it down around the line and reel.

When shrinking, make sure you move your heat gun or hairdryer slowly around the pole in order to prevent any excess melting. You may also want to use something like an old toothbrush or popsicle stick to help shape and push the plastic into place as it shrinks down. As you continue shrinking the plastic around your fishing pole, make sure to pay attention to any thin spots where there may not be enough material.

Once you’ve finished shrinking one section of shrink wrap, cut off another piece that’s slightly larger than what you previously used and continue the process until your entire fishing pole is covered. When finished, use scissors to trim away any excess plastic that may have accumulated during shrinking.


Shrink wrapping a fishing pole is an easy yet effective way to protect it from damage caused by weather or general wear and tear. With just a few items such as shrink wrap, a heat gun or hairdryer, scissors, and masking tape, anyone can quickly shrink wrap their fishing pole in no time!

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