How Do You Set Up a Zebco Splash Fishing Pole?

Fishing can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time outdoors, but it can also be a bit intimidating to first-timers. One of the most daunting aspects of fishing is often setting up the equipment.

If you’ve just purchased a Zebco Splash fishing pole, you may feel overwhelmed with all the pieces and parts. But don’t worry – setting up a Zebco Splash Fishing Pole is easier than you think!

The first step in setting up your Zebco Splash Fishing Pole is to attach your reel. Begin by threading one end of the fishing line through the eyelet on the bottom of the reel and then tie an overhand knot in the line.

Next, slide the reel onto the lower portion of your rod until it clicks into place. You should now see two silver prongs protruding from either side of your rod.

Now that your reel is attached, it’s time to attach your fishing line to the spool. Take one end of your fishing line and thread it through one of the silver prongs coming out from either side of your rod and then wrap it around itself several times until it’s securely fastened. Repeat this step for the other side.

Once both ends are securely fastened, you can begin attaching lures or bait to your fishing line. To do this, tie an overhand knot at one end of your line and then thread on whichever lure or bait you are using. Make sure that all knots are tight so that they don’t come undone while you’re out on the water.

Setting up a Zebco Splash Fishing Pole is relatively easy once you know what steps to take! Just make sure that all knots are tight before heading out onto the water so that everything stays secure while you fish!

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