How Do You Set Up a Zebco Dock Demon Fishing Pole?

Fishing with a Zebco Dock Demon fishing pole is a great way to get started in the sport of fishing. The Dock Demon is designed to be an easy-to-use rod and reel combo perfect for anglers of all skill levels. Setting up the Dock Demon correctly will help ensure that you have a successful fishing experience.

The first step in setting up the Dock Demon is to attach the reel to the rod. The reel should be securely mounted onto the rod by threading it onto the reel seat and tightening it down with a wrench. It is important to make sure that the reel is firmly in place and that it does not move as you cast or retrieve your line.

Once the reel is attached, it’s time to load your line onto the spool of your reel. For best results, use a monofilament or braided line for your Dock Demon setup. Make sure that you properly thread your line through all of the guides on your rod before tying it off on your reel’s spool using an arbor knot or figure 8 knot.

The next step in setting up your Dock Demon is to attach your lure or bait to your line. If you are using a baitcasting setup, then you will need to tie a swivel onto the end of your line and attach your bait or lure to it with a barrel swivel knot or uni knot. If you are using spinning gear, then you can simply tie on a lure directly with an improved clinch knot or palomar knot.

Finally, adjust the drag tension on your reel so that it matches up with how much pressure you want when fishing with this setup. Be sure not to overtighten as this can result in damage and breakage of equipment during use. Once everything has been set up correctly, all that’s left to do is cast out and start fishing!


Setting up a Zebco Dock Demon fishing pole correctly is essential for having an enjoyable day out on the water. Make sure that you properly attach the reel, load on your line, attach lures/bait, and adjust drag tension according to preference before casting out into the water for some great fish!

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