How Do You Set Up a Fishing Pole for a Bank?

Fishing from the bank is a great way to enjoy fishing without the need for a boat or other expensive equipment. Setting up a fishing pole for bank fishing requires some specific steps and knowledge of tackle to ensure success.

Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Fishing Pole
When choosing a fishing pole, consider how you will be using it. Bank poles should be shorter than those used on boats, usually in the 5-7 foot range.

Poles with shorter lengths are easier to maneuver from the shore and don’t require as much storage space when not in use. Depending on what type of fish you are Targeting, you may need to choose between spinning rods and bait casting rods. Spinning rods are great for catching smaller fish such as panfish, while bait casting rods are better for larger species like bass.

Step 2: Select Reel and Line
The type of reel you choose will depend largely on the type of fish you are trying to catch and the size of your chosen pole. Spinning reels work best with lighter lines and bait casting reels work best with heavier lines. Bank anglers typically use light monofilament lines on their spinning reels, while bait casters can use slightly heavier monofilament or even braided line.

Step 3: Add Terminal Tackle
Terminal tackle consists of the various lures, weights, swivels, etc that anglers attach directly to their line for catching fish. For bank fishing, it’s best to keep things simple by using small lures or live bait such as worms or crickets that can be presented close to shore where most species feed naturally. Swivels can also help prevent line twist when trolling or drifting live bait along the bank. Use a leader line when trolling or drifting live bait if possible.

Step 4: Learn Basic Casting Techniques
Casting is an important skill that all anglers should learn before setting out on their first bank fishing trip. Learning proper casting technique will help ensure that you present your lure or bait accurately and efficiently so that you can maximize your chances of catching fish from shoreline cover such as rocks, logs, weed beds etc. Practice in open areas with no obstructions before attempting casts into cover.

With some patience and practice anyone can become an excellent bank angler by following these simple steps for setting up a fishing pole for riverbank fishing trips.


Setting up a fishing pole for bank fishing doesn’t have to be complicated if you have the right gear and know-how. With some practice and patience, anyone can become an expert at catching fish from shoreline cover!

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