How Do You Rig Lead Core Fishing Line?

Lead core fishing line is a type of fishing line that has a lead center surrounded by several strands of monofilament. It is often used for trolling in deep water, as the lead helps to take the bait down to where the fish are located.

The lead core also helps to keep the line taut, making it easier to detect bites and strikes. While it can be difficult to rig lead core fishing line correctly, doing so correctly can help you catch more fish.

The first step in rigging lead core fishing line is to locate the desired depth marker on the line. Most lead core lines are marked with depth indicators at set intervals, usually 10 feet apart. Depending on the type of fish you are Targeting and their preferred depth, you can select which depth indicator you want your bait to reach.

Once you have determined which depth marker you want your bait to reach, tie your leader onto the end of the main line. For most applications, a fluorocarbon leader should be used as it is less visible underwater than monofilament or nylon leaders. The leader should be long enough that when trolled behind the boat, it will reach whatever depth marker was chosen.

Next, attach your sinker or weight system to the end of your leader. This will create resistance in the water and help get your bait down to its desired depth quickly and efficiently. Depending on how deep you need your bait to go, different weight systems may need to be employed such as an inline trolling sinker or a sliding cannonball weight system.

Finally, attach your bait or lure of choice and begin trolling! If done correctly, this setup should get your lure down to whatever depth marker was selected and keep it there while trolling along. If not done correctly however, your bait may either not reach its intended depth or end up snagging bottom.


Rigging lead core fishing line correctly takes some practice but can certainly pay off in terms of more successful catches. By locating and tying onto a desired depth marker on a lead core line and using appropriate weight systems, anglers can get their baits down where they need them quickly and efficiently. With some practice and patience any fisherman can become proficient at rigging lead core lines for deeper water trolling applications!

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