How Do You Rig a Tube Jig for Trout?

If you’re an avid angler, you know that tube jigs are one of the most effective lures for catching trout. But do you know how to rig a tube jig for optimal success? In this tutorial, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to rig a tube jig for trout.

Step 1: Choose the Right Tube Jig

The first step in rigging a tube jig for trout is choosing the right one. Look for a tube jig that’s between 2-4 inches long with a thin body and round head.

The color of the tube should match the color of the water you’ll be fishing in. If the water is clear, use natural colors like brown or olive. If the water is murky, use bright colors like chartreuse or pink.

Step 2: Tie on Your Leader

Once you’ve chosen your tube jig, tie on your leader using a Palomar knot. Use a leader that’s between 4-8 pounds in weight and about 3-4 feet long. This will give your lure enough weight to sink but still allow it to move naturally in the water.

Step 3: Insert Your Jig Head

Take your tube jig and slide it onto your jig head. Make sure it’s snug against the head but not too tight as this will limit its movement in the water.

Step 4: Add Split Shot Weights (Optional)

If you’re fishing in fast-moving water or want to add extra weight to your lure, add split shot weights about 6-8 inches above your jig head.

Step 5: Cast and Retrieve

Now that your tube jig is rigged up and ready to go, cast it out into the water and let it sink to your desired depth. Once it’s reached the desired depth, begin your retrieve. Use a slow and steady retrieve with occasional pauses to mimic the movements of a natural baitfish.

Tips for Success

– Experiment with different colors and sizes of tube jigs until you find what works best in your fishing location. – Vary your retrieve speed and pattern to see what entices trout in your area.

– Try fishing near structure like rocks or logs where trout may be hiding. – Always remember to check your line and knots regularly to ensure they’re secure.

The Bottom Line

Rigging a tube jig for trout is a simple process that can lead to great success on the water. By following these steps and tips, you’ll be well on your way to catching more trout with this effective lure.

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