How Do You Rig a Kids Fishing Pole?

Rigging a kids fishing pole is a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful sport of fishing. It’s important to understand what type of fishing they plan on doing, as this will determine the type of setup they need.

There are a few basic steps that should be taken when rigging a kids fishing pole.

Choose the Right Size Pole

The first step in rigging a kids fishing pole is to choose the right size. Fishing poles come in all different sizes and it’s important to choose one that fits your child’s height and build. If they are too small, they won’t be able to cast properly and if they are too big, it will be uncomfortable for them.

Attach the Fishing Line

Once you have chosen the right size pole for your child, you can begin attaching the fishing line. First, make sure to select a line that is appropriate for their skill level and the type of fish they plan on catching.

Then attach the line to the reel using an Arbor Knot or similar knot. Make sure that it is tight and secure.

Attach Hooks and Lures

Next, attach any hooks or lures that you want your child to use while fishing. When attaching hooks, make sure that they are sharp enough and securely fastened so they won’t come off while fishing. As for lures, select ones that will attract the type of fish you are Targeting.

Test Out Your Rigging

Once everything has been attached properly, it’s time to test out your rigging by casting into a nearby pond or lake. Make sure that everything is working properly before heading out on an actual fishing trip.


Rigging a kids fishing pole can seem like an intimidating task but with some basic knowledge and practice it doesn’t have to be! By following these simple steps you can ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable experience when out on their first fishing trip.

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