How Do You Restore a Cork on a Fishing Rod?

Restoring a cork on a fishing rod is not as difficult as it might sound. The process requires a few simple steps and can be completed in less than an hour.

The first step is to gather the necessary materials, which include: sandpaper, heat gun, replacement cork, glue, and a utility knife. Start by using the sandpaper to remove any old cork still attached to the rod.

This should be done in a gentle circular motion to avoid damaging the rod itself. Once all of the old cork is removed, use the heat gun to warm up the area where the new cork will be placed.

Next cut a piece of new cork that is slightly larger than the area you need it for. Use your utility knife to trim down any excess material so that it fits snugly over the area you preheated with your heat gun.

Apply some glue over your heated area and then place your piece of new cork onto it. You may want to use something flat like a ruler or spatula to press down on your new cork and help ensure that it adheres properly.

Finally, use some sandpaper over your new cork in order to ensure that all edges are smooth and even before you apply any more heat or glue. Once everything looks good you can use your heat gun one more time in order to help set everything in place.


Restoring a cork on a fishing rod is actually quite simple when following these steps. With just a few materials and some patience, anyone can have their rod looking like new again in no time!

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Lindsay Collins