How Do You Replace the End Eye on a Fishing Pole?

Fishing rods are an integral part of any angler’s equipment. The end eye of a fishing pole is one of its most important components.

It holds the line and keeps it in place, ensuring that the angler is able to cast accurately and efficiently. When the end eye becomes worn or broken, it is important to replace it as soon as possible.

Replacing the end eye on a fishing pole is not difficult but does require some basic tools and knowledge. Before beginning, make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand including a new end eye, fishing line, pliers, and scissors.

The first step in replacing an end eye is to remove the old one. With a pair of pliers, grip the old end eye firmly and twist until it pops off the pole. Be careful not to damage any other components during this process.

Next: Securing The New End Eye

Once the old end eye has been removed, you can begin attaching the new one. Start by threading your fishing line through both eyes on either side of your pole until they meet in front of where your new end eye will be located.

Take each side of line and loop them through either side of the new end eye respectively. Then pull tight with your pliers until they are secure around each side. Finally, trim away any excess line with your scissors.


Replacing an end eye on a fishing pole is not difficult but does take some patience and precision to do correctly. With a few basic supplies and these simple steps, you’ll have your rod ready for action in no time!

Conclusion: How Do You Replace The End Eye on a Fishing Pole?

Replacing an end eye on a fishing pole requires some basic tools such as pliers, scissors, and fishing line. First remove the old end eye using pliers followed by threading each side of line through either side of a new end eye before pulling tight with pliers until secure. Excess line can be trimmed away with scissors to complete the job.

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