How Do You Repair an Eye on a Fishing Rod?

Repairing an eye on a fishing rod is an important task for any angler. The eye, or loop, is responsible for attaching your line to the rod, and if it becomes damaged or broken, you will need to be able to fix it in order to keep fishing. Fortunately, repairing an eye on a fishing rod is not difficult and can be done with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Remove the old eye from the rod. This step can be done by gently pulling the eye away from the surface of the rod.

It may take some force depending on how tightly it was attached. Once removed, inspect the area where the eye was attached for any damage or wear.

Step 2: Cut a piece of new monofilament line that is slightly longer than the old one. If you have difficulty finding the right size and type of line, you can consult your local tackle shop.

Step 3: Tie a small loop in one end of the line and attach it to the hole in the fishing rod where you removed the old eye. Make sure that the knot is secure so that it won’t come undone easily.

Step 4: Wrap the other end of the line around itself and then tie it off with a simple overhand knot. This will create a new loop for attaching your fishing line.

Step 5: Cut off any excess line and secure any loose ends with some glue or nail polish to prevent fraying.


: Repairing an eye on a fishing rod isn’t difficult and only requires basic tools and materials. With these simple steps, you can repair your own eyes quickly and easily so that you can get back out there on your next adventure!

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