How Do You Remove Fishing Rod Spool?

Removing a fishing rod spool can be a tricky task if you don’t have the right tools or know-how. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult of a process if you know what to do. The key is to remove the spool without damaging the fishing rod or the line itself.

First, you’ll need to gather your tools. These include a small wrench, pliers, and a pair of scissors.

The wrench should be able to fit over the head of the spool, so make sure it’s not too big or too small. Alternatively, you can use an adjustable wrench instead if you don’t have one that fits perfectly.

Step 1: Unscrew the Reel from the Fishing Rod
Once you have your tools ready, use the wrench to unscrew the reel from the fishing rod handle. Make sure to do this gently and slowly so as not to damage either part. Once it has been unscrewed, lift off the reel and set it aside somewhere safe.

Step 2: Remove Spool Cover
The next step is to remove the spool cover from the reel itself. This can usually be done by using your fingers or pliers to pry open any clips that are holding it in place. Once these have been removed, pull off the cover and set it aside as well.

Step 3: Cut Fishing Line and Remove Spool
Now that both parts are removed from each other, use your scissors to cut any remaining line that is still attached to either part of the reel or handle. Once this is done, you should be able to easily pull off any remaining line and then lift off the spool itself from its housing on top of the reel body.

Conclusion: Removing a fishing rod spool is not difficult once you have all of your tools ready and know what steps need to be taken in order for it come out safely without damaging either part of your equipment in any way. By following these simple steps – unscrewing from handle, removing cover and cutting line – you should be able to easily remove your fishing rod spool with no problems at all!

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