How Do You Refurbish a Fishing Pole?

Fishing poles are a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, but as time passes and wear and tear accumulates, they can become worn and damaged. Refurbishing an old fishing pole can be an easy and rewarding way to keep it in good condition. With a few basic tools, some fishing line and a bit of elbow grease, you can restore your fishing pole to its former glory.

The first step in refurbishing a fishing pole is to assess the condition of the rod itself. Check for any signs of damage such as broken guides or cracked reel seats.

If there is any major damage, it may be best to replace the rod completely. If the rod is in good shape but has seen better days, then begin by removing all of the components from the rod such as reel seats, line guides, ferrules etc.

Once all components have been removed, clean off any dirt or debris with a soft cloth or brush. It may also be necessary to use a mild detergent on particularly dirty spots.

Once everything is clean and dry, inspect each component for any damage or wear that needs repairing or replacing. If you find broken guides or reel seats that need replacing then you can purchase new ones online.

After everything has been inspected and replaced if necessary, it’s time to start re-assembling the rod. Start by lacing up all of the line guides with fresh fishing line.

Make sure that each guide is properly secured so that nothing comes loose while casting or retrieving your lures. Once all of the guides are secure then you can re-attach any other components such as reel seats or ferrules.


Refurbishing a fishing pole can be an easy yet rewarding task that will help keep your favorite piece of equipment in good condition for years to come. With just some basic tools, fresh line and a bit of elbow grease you can restore your pole back to its former glory in no time at all.

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