How Do You Reattach a Fishing Rod Tip?

Reattaching a fishing rod tip is a relatively easy and inexpensive repair that can save an angler from having to purchase a new rod. The fishing rod tip is the most important part of the rod and without it, casting and catching fish would be impossible. Replacing the tip requires just a few simple steps, the proper materials, and some patience.

The first step in reattaching the tip is to make sure you have all of the necessary materials. These include a new tip guide, some epoxy glue, sandpaper, a razor blade or knife, and a pair of pliers.

Once you have all of your materials together, you will need to prepare the rod for reattachment. Start by removing any old epoxy glue or residue from around the area where the old tip was attached.

Next, lightly sand away any scratches or damage that may be on the surface of the rod near where the new guide will be placed.

Next, use your razor blade or knife to trim away any excess thread or wrapping material from around where the old guide used to be. Once this is done, use your pliers to insert your new tip guide into place. Make sure it is firmly seated in its proper place before moving on to gluing it in place.

Carefully apply your epoxy glue around the base of the new guide and press down firmly until it bonds with the surface of the rod. Allow ample time for this process to dry completely before using your rod again.


Reattaching a fishing rod tip is not complicated but does require some patience and attention to detail. With just a few simple steps and proper materials you can easily repair your fishing rod instead of having to purchase a new one!

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