How Do You Put Beads on a Fishing Line?

Using beads on a fishing line is an age-old trick that has been used for centuries by anglers looking to increase their catch. Beads come in a variety of colours and sizes, and can be used as attractors, or to mask the presence of the hook.

It is important to know how to use beads properly, as incorrect technique can lead to lost tackle or worse. Here is a guide on how to put beads on a fishing line.

Step 1:

Choose the right size and colour of beads for your fishing line. Smaller beads are best suited for lighter lines, while larger beads are better for heavier lines. The colour of the bead should be chosen based on the type of fish you are trying to attract; bright colours such as reds and oranges work best for gamefish, while darker colours such as blues and greens work better for bottom-feeding species.

Step 2:

Thread the bead onto your fishing line using a needle or threading tool. Make sure that the hole in the bead is large enough for your line to pass through easily, but not so large that it will slip off easily. Once you have threaded the bead onto your line, tie a knot at either end of it to secure it in place.

Step 3:

Position the bead on the line where you want it to be. Depending on what kind of lure or bait you are using, this could be anywhere from 3 inches up from your hook all the way up to several feet away from it. The closer your bait is to the bead, the more likely it will be noticed by passing fish.

Step 4:

Tie another knot after the bead in order to keep it securely in place. Make sure that this knot is tied tightly enough that it will not come undone easily but not so tight that it cuts into or damages your fishing line.


Putting beads onto a fishing line is an easy task once you have mastered some basic steps and techniques. With practice and patience, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively add beads onto any kind of fishing line in order to attract more fish!

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