How Do You Put Bait on a Fishing Rod in Ark Mobile?

Putting bait on a fishing rod in the game Ark Mobile can be a tricky process if you are not familiar with the mechanics. Before you can successfully fish, you must first know how to correctly put bait on a fishing rod.

The first step is to obtain some bait. Bait can be obtained through various methods such as killing certain types of fish and harvesting them or buying it from vendors. Once you have your bait, you will need to equip it onto your fishing rod.

To equip the bait onto your fishing rod, open up the inventory menu and select your fishing rod. There should be an option to equip bait when selecting it.

Select the type of bait you would like to use and then press the “Equip” button. This will place the bait onto your fishing rod.

Once the bait is equipped onto your rod, you are now ready to start fishing! All that’s left is for you to cast out your line and start reeling in some fish.

Putting bait on a fishing rod in Ark Mobile is fairly easy once you understand the mechanics. To do so, one must obtain some form of bait, open their inventory menu and select their desired type of bait before pressing the “Equip” button. After this has been done, casting out and reeling in some fish is all that remains!

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