How Do You Put a Worm Weight on a Fishing Line?

Putting a worm weight on your fishing line is an essential skill when it comes to successful fishing. Worm weights, also known as split shot weights, are small lead or tin pellets that are used to weigh down the end of a fishing line. This allows the bait to sink more quickly and accurately, and helps keep the line in place when casting.

When it comes to attaching a worm weight to your fishing line, there are two main methods you can use: crimping and tying. Crimping is by far the most popular method among anglers and is relatively simple.

Start by sliding the worm weight onto your line so that it sits directly above the hook. Then, use a pair of crimpers or pliers to pinch one side of the split shot weight together tightly, creating a small loop around the line.

Once you have securely attached the worm weight with crimps, make sure it is firmly held in place by giving each side of the split shot a tug. If it does not move then you have successfully attached your worm weight.

The other way to attach a worm weight is by tying. To do this, thread one end of your fishing line through both ends of the split shot weight before tying a simple overhand knot around both ends. Make sure you pull on each side of the knot firmly before cutting off any excess material.


Attaching a worm weight to your fishing line can be done in two ways – crimping and tying – both of which are relatively simple processes that anyone can master with practice. By following these steps you will be able to successfully attach your worm weights and get out onto the water with confidence!

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