How Do You Put a Whip on a Fishing Pole?

Putting a whip on a fishing pole is an essential skill for any angler. It’s important to put the whip on properly, as this will help ensure that your line doesn’t get tangled or damaged. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Start by threading the line through the eye of the whip. Make sure you pull the line tight and secure it in place with a knot. You may need to use a needle or other tool to help you thread the line through.

Step 2: Once you’ve secured the line, wrap it around the base of the whip several times. Make sure you keep it tight and secure, so that it won’t come undone while you’re fishing.

Step 3: Now take the end of your line and tie it off with a knot.

You can use any type of knot, such as an overhand knot or a figure eight knot.

Step 4: Finish by attaching your lure or bait to the end of your line. You can use either a hook or swivel to attach your bait. Make sure that your hook is firmly attached, so that it won’t come off when you cast.


Putting a whip on a fishing pole isn’t difficult if you follow these steps carefully. It’s important to make sure that your line is securely tied off and that your hook is firmly attached before heading out on your fishing trip! With practice, anyone can learn how to properly put a whip on their fishing pole.

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