How Do You Put a Sinker on a Fishing Line?

Putting a sinker on a fishing line can be intimidating for anglers who are just getting started. It can seem like there is a lot to know and understand, but the process is actually quite simple. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of how to attach a sinker to your fishing line so that you can get started catching fish right away.

What is a Sinker?

A sinker is a small weight that attaches to the end of your fishing line. Its purpose is to help the bait or lure reach its desired depth more quickly. It also helps keep the bait in one spot, allowing you to better Target specific kinds of fish or areas where they may be hiding.

Types of Sinkers

There are several different types of sinkers available for purchase. The most common types are split shot, barrel swivels, egg sinkers, and bullet weights.

Split shot sinkers come in various sizes and can be added and removed from the line easily. Barrel swivels are slightly heavier than split shot and help keep your line from twisting due to currents or wind. Egg sinkers and bullet weights are larger than split shot and require special tools for attaching them to the line.

Attaching a Sinker

Attaching a split shot sinker onto your fishing line is relatively simple. Start by opening up one side of the split shot so that it can slide down onto your line.

Make sure that it’s tight against the knot or lure so that it doesn’t slide off when you start casting.

For Egg Sinkers or Bullet Weights:

These heavier types require more special tools for attaching them to your line as they cannot simply be opened up like split shots do. The best tool for this job is an egg sinker crimper or bullet weight crimper, which will securely clamp down on your weight and lock it into place.


In summary, putting a sinker on a fishing line doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating if you know what type of weight you’re using and have the right tools for attaching it securely. Split shot sinkers can simply be opened up and slid onto your line while egg sinkers or bullet weights need special tools such as an egg sinker crimper or bullet weight crimper in order to attach them securely.

All in all, with some basic knowledge about how different types of weights work, any angler should have no problem putting their own sinker on their fishing line!

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