How Do You Put a Line on a Fishing Pole?

A fishing rod is an essential piece of equipment for any angler. It’s important to know how to properly spool a fishing line onto the reel so that you can have the best chances of catching fish. Knowing the proper techniques for putting a line on your fishing pole will help ensure that you have an enjoyable and successful day out on the water.

The first step in how to put a line on a fishing pole is to make sure that you have the right type of line for your particular reel. Different types of reels require different types of lines, so it’s important to make sure that you’re using the correct one. For example, spinning reels usually require monofilament lines while baitcasting reels require braided lines.

Once you have the right type of line, it’s time to spool it onto your reel. Start by tying one end of the line onto the spool or arbor of your reel.

Once it’s securely tied, begin winding the line around the spool, making sure there are no kinks or knots in it as you do so. Make sure that you leave enough room for your finger when winding so that you can easily hold onto and guide the line.

Once your reel is full, check for any knots or kinks in the line and then tie off the other end onto an eyelet on your rod. Make sure there is enough slack in between so that when you cast out your lure, it won’t pull too hard against the knot and break it off. You may also want to add an egg loop knot at this point if desired.


Putting a line on a fishing pole is an important part of having a successful day out on the water. Knowing how to properly spool and tie off your fishing line can help ensure that everything runs smoothly during your outing. With these tips in mind, anyone can master how to put a line on their fishing pole in no time!

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