How Do You Put a Fishing Pole Reel On?

Putting together a fishing pole reel is a relatively simple process that can be completed in minutes. It’s important to be sure you have all the necessary components for the reel, including the frame and handle, spool, line and drag components. Once these pieces are gathered, you are ready to assemble your fishing pole reel.

Step 1: Attach the Handle – Begin by attaching the handle to the frame of your fishing pole reel. This is done by simply inserting the handle into the frame and tightening it with screws or bolts. Make sure that it is firmly attached and that it moves freely in all directions.

Step 2: Install Drag Components – Attach any drag components included with your reel such as a clicker or drag knob to the side of the frame. These pieces should be screwed or bolted into place securely and should move freely when tightened properly.

Step 3:Attach Spool – The spool should now be attached to the frame by inserting it into its designated spot on the side of the frame. It should fit snugly without any gaps or loose pieces. Make sure it is securely attached with screws or bolts so that it won’t come loose during use.

Step 4:Install Line – The next step is to install your fishing line onto the spool of your fishing pole reel. Begin by winding your line onto the spool in small loops, making sure that each loop overlaps slightly so that there are no gaps between them. Once you have finished winding your line onto the spool, secure it with a few wraps of tape around each end to prevent slipping during use.


Putting together a fishing pole reel is an easy process when you have all of the necessary components at hand. With just a few steps such as attaching a handle and installing drag components, attaching a spool and installing line, you can assemble your new reel in minutes and get out on the water!

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