How Do You Mount a Fishing Rod Holder?

Mounting a fishing rod holder can be a great way to give yourself more freedom while fishing. It allows you to have multiple rods set up and ready to go, and you can take your time setting up the rods so that they are exactly how you want them. Having a fishing rod holder also gives you the ability to quickly move from one spot to another without having to break down and reset your entire rig.

When mounting a fishing rod holder, it is important to make sure that the holder is securely attached to whatever surface it is being mounted on. This could be a wall, boat deck, or other flat surface. Depending on what material the surface is made of, it is important to use the appropriate screws or bolts for mounting the holder. It is also important that the screws or bolts are not over-tightened as this can cause damage to the surface or even your fishing rod holder itself.

Once you have chosen and secured your mounting location, you will need to attach your fishing rod holders onto the surface.

Most holders come with pre-drilled holes in them that are used for attaching them securely. If these holes don’t line up with where you want your holders mounted, then you may need to drill new ones into your holders using an appropriate drill bit and drill size for the material they are made of. Make sure that all of the screws or bolts used for attaching them are tight as any loose connections could result in an unstable mount which could be dangerous if not properly secured.

Once all of your holders have been securely mounted, it is time to add your rods and reels onto them. It is important to make sure that each rod and reel combination fits snugly into its holder by adjusting the straps if necessary so that it does not move around too much when in use. When attaching lures or baits onto each rod and reel combination, make sure that their hooks are sharp and secure so as not to fall off during use as this can be dangerous for both yourself and other people around you.


Mounting a fishing rod holder can provide many benefits when fishing but must be done properly in order for it to work correctly and safely. Make sure that all screws or bolts used for mounting are tight but not over-tightened as this could cause damage, ensure that all rods fit snugly into their holders before using them, and check all hooks on lures or baits before using them too.

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