How Do You Make Spearfishing Float?

Spearfishing is an exciting and rewarding activity that requires a great deal of skill, patience and preparation. The activity involves fishing with a spear or a pole, and it can be done from either a boat or from the shore. In order to get the most out of your spearfishing experience, you need to know how to make your float work effectively.

Making a float for spearfishing is relatively simple, but it can be tedious if you don’t have the right materials or tools. The first step is to attach the float line to your spear gun. You can do this by tying the line directly around the gun’s handle, or you can use an attachment such as a carabiner clip or a plastic tube. Once attached, it’s important to make sure that the line is securely fastened and won’t come loose during use.

Once your line is attached, you need to attach the float itself to the other end of the line.

The type of float you choose will largely depend on your preferences and what type of water you’ll be fishing in. If you’re fishing in open ocean or deep water, then you may want to opt for a larger buoyancy device such as an inflatable raft or buoyancy bag. If you’re fishing in shallow waters, then smaller floats made of foam or plastic may be more suitable. You’ll also need to ensure that the float has enough buoyancy so that it will keep your spear gun above water when not in use.

Once your float is securely attached to the line, you’ll need to adjust its position so that it sits at just below the surface of the water when not in use. This will give you maximum visibility while spearing fish and help prevent any unnecessary snags on rocks or other submerged objects.

Finally, once everything is set up properly and securely attached, it’s time for some practice! It’s important to test out your setup before heading out into deeper waters so that everything works as expected. You should also keep an eye on how well yourfloat performs after each dive; if there are any noticeable changes in its performance then it may be time for some adjustments.


Making a successful spearfishing float requires careful preparation and consideration of all factors involved. From tying off your line securely around the gun’s handle and attaching an appropriate buoyancy device at one end of it to adjusting its position below surface level for optimal visibility – these are all important steps for making sure that your setup works effectively when spearing fish underwater. With practice and patience however, anyone can learn how to make their own successful spearfishing floats!

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