How Do You Make an Old Fashioned Cane Fishing Pole?

Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by many, and one of the oldest methods of catching fish is with a cane fishing pole. Here is how you can make an old-fashioned cane fishing pole for yourself.

Step 1: Gather the necessary materials. You will need a long piece of bamboo or rattan cane, a thin piece of wood, some string or twine, some glue and some small nails.

Step 2: Cut the cane to the desired length – generally about two or three metres long.

Step 3: Trim away any sharp edges from the cane with a knife or saw.

Step 4: Make a hole in the top end of the cane, big enough to fit the thin piece of wood through it. This will be your handle.

Step 5: Securely fasten the thin piece of wood through the hole using glue and nails. Step 6: Attach a length of string to either end of your handle, tying it securely in place so that it can’t come undone. Step 7: Tie one end of your string to an anchor point on your fishing line and attach bait to the other end.

And there you have it!

You have now made your own old-fashioned cane fishing pole.

Conclusion: Making an old-fashioned cane fishing pole is relatively simple if you have all the necessary materials on hand. It requires just seven steps: gathering materials, cutting the cane to size, trimming away sharp edges, making a hole for your handle in the top end, securing it in place with glue and nails, attaching strings to either side of your handle and tying one end onto an anchor point on your line and attaching bait to the other end. With this guide you are now ready to go out and catch some fish!

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