How Do You Make an Invisible Line in Fishing Planet?

In fishing, invisible lines are used to increase the chances of catching a fish. They are often used when the water is murky or when the fish are skittish. Invisible lines can be made of materials such as fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided line.

Fluorocarbon line is the most popular choice for making invisible lines. It is a type of synthetic material that is nearly invisible in water and provides excellent abrasion resistance.

The line also has a low stretch factor, meaning that it will not lose its shape over time. Monofilament line is another option for an invisible line. This type of line is more affordable than fluorocarbon but does not have as much abrasion resistance.

Braided lines are also popular for making an invisible line. These lines are made from multiple strands of material that have been woven together to create a strong and abrasion-resistant line. The braided lines also provide great knot strength and have very little stretch.

To make an invisible line in Fishing Planet, start by choosing a type of material that is suitable for your fishing needs. If you’re fishing in murky water or trying to catch skittish fish, fluorocarbon or monofilament may be your best bet. If you need more abrasion resistance and knot strength, braided line may be the right choice. Once you’ve chosen your material, make sure you tie it with an appropriate knot to ensure your connection is secure.


Making an invisible line in Fishing Planet can be done by selecting a suitable material such as fluorocarbon, monofilament, or braided lines. You should then tie it with an appropriate knot to ensure a secure connection before going out on your fishing adventure!

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