How Do You Make an Ice Fishing Sled?

In order to make your own ice fishing sled, you’ll need to have the right materials and tools. A basic ice fishing sled will consist of a frame, runners, sides and cover.

The frame is the most important part of the sled and will need to be strong enough to carry your gear and supplies. You can use wood or metal for the frame depending on what is available in your area.

The runners are what attaches the sled to your skis or snowshoes so you can pull it along. You will also want to add a pair of handles at the back of the sled so you can pull it up a hill or over other terrain. You can use either metal rods or wooden dowels for this part.

The sides are important for keeping your gear secure in the sled while you transport it on ice. You can use plywood or any other strong material that won’t easily break when bumped against something. Make sure you attach the sides firmly to the frame with screws.

The cover is used to protect your gear from snow, rain, and wind while on the ice. It’s usually made from canvas and should be waterproofed with a sealant before using it. Make sure you choose one that is large enough for all of your equipment.

Putting It All Together

Once you have all of your parts ready, you’ll need to assemble them together. Start by attaching the runners first, then add on the sides and cover last. Make sure everything is secured tightly with screws so it doesn’t come apart while on ice.

Now that your ice fishing sled is finished, you’ll be able to transport all of your supplies with ease during winter trips! Be sure to test out your new invention before taking it out onto frozen waters.


Making an ice fishing sled requires some preparation and materials but it’s worth it when you have a reliable way of transporting all of your gear while out on the ice! With a sturdy frame, runners, sides and cover, you’ll be able to make trips out onto frozen waters much easier than ever before!

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