How Do You Make a Wooden Fishing Pole Rack?

Building a wooden fishing pole rack is a great way to store your fishing rods and reels in an organized manner. It allows you to easily grab the rod you need without having to fumble through a pile of them.

Plus, it looks great!

The materials you’ll need for this project are: four 2x4s (8 feet long each), two 2x2s (8 feet long each), wood screws or nails, wood glue, sandpaper, and sealant or stain for the finished product. Additionally, if you plan on hanging your rack on the wall, you’ll need to purchase appropriate hardware.


1. Start by cutting the four 2x4s into four equal lengths of 48 inches each. Then cut one of the 2x2s into two pieces – one at 24 inches, and one at 12 inches.

2. Now take two of the 48 inch 2x4s and place them side by side with their long edges together. Nail or screw them together at their ends and in the middle so they form a rectangle.

3. Take one of the 24 inch 2x2s and attach it across the middle of the rectangle using nails or screws.

This will form two separate compartments for your rods.

4. Attach the other 24 inch 2×2 to one end of your rectangle so that it forms another compartment for storing reels or other fishing gear.

5. Attach the 12 inch 2×2 to the other end of your rectangle in order to form a handle for easy transport.

. Sand down any rough edges and apply sealant or stain if desired.

. If desired, hang your rack on a wall using appropriate hardware.


Making a wooden fishing pole rack is relatively easy with some basic carpentry skills and materials available from most hardware stores. With its simple design, it’s perfect for storing multiple rods and reels without taking up too much space in your home or garage!

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