How Do You Make a Super Fishing Rod in Pixelmon?

If you are an avid Pixelmon fan, you may have wondered how to make a super fishing rod in the game. Well, it’s actually not that hard! In this article, we’ll go over the steps needed to craft your own super fishing rod.

The first step is to get your hands on five iron ingots.

These can be mined from iron ore blocks found all over the world in Pixelmon. Once you have the necessary items, open up your crafting menu and combine them together in a 2-by-3 grid to make an iron base.

Next, you’ll need six sticks. You can find these by chopping down trees or killing certain Pixelmon mobs.

Place them across the top row of your crafting grid and then add an iron base to the bottom row. This will create an iron rod.

Now comes the tricky part – adding a reel. To do this, you’ll need three string and one slime ball.

String can be crafted from wool blocks while slime balls can be obtained from slimes or other mobs in Pixelmon. Place these items in the top row of your crafting grid – two strings above and one below the slime ball – and then add your iron rod to the bottom row.

And there you have it: your very own super fishing rod! This powerful tool will allow you to catch fish much more quickly than with a normal fishing rod, so you can enjoy more of the fun that Pixelmon has to offer.

To make sure that your super fishing rod is as powerful as possible, it’s important to upgrade it with additional items like feathers, flintstones, or even rare gems like diamonds or emeralds. Upgrading will give you access to even better catches!

In conclusion, creating a super fishing rod in Pixelmon isn’t as difficult as it may seem! All it takes is five iron ingots and some additional items like string and slime balls, which can be easily obtained from various sources throughout the game world. With this tool in hand, you’ll be able to bring home bigger catches faster than ever before!


How Do You Make a Super Fishing Rod in Pixelmon? Crafting a super fishing rod isn’t complicated – all it takes is five iron ingots, six sticks, three strings and one slime ball placed into varying rows within your crafting grid.

With this powerful tool equipped in hand, fish will become easier than ever before! Don’t forget that upgrading your super fishing rod with feathers and other items will give you access to even better catches!

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