How Do You Make a Split Grip Fishing Rod?

Making a split grip fishing rod is a great way to increase its versatility and performance on the water. Split grip rods allow for a greater range of motion and can help to improve casting accuracy and distance. To make a split grip rod, you will need some basic tools, such as a drill, drill bits, a saw or knife, epoxy glue, sandpaper, and tape measure.

Step 1:Measure the length of your fishing rod and mark it accordingly. Then take the saw or knife and cut the handle into two equal pieces. Be sure to cut straight so that the pieces fit together nicely.

Step 2:Once you have cut the handle in half, use the drill and drill bit to make two holes at each end of one of the pieces of the handle. These holes should be slightly larger than your epoxy glue tube nozzle so that you can insert it easily when gluing later on.

Step 3:Sand down any rough edges on both pieces of the handle using sandpaper. This will help ensure that they fit together snugly when glued together later on.

Step 4:Once you have sanded down all the rough edges itโ€™s time to glue both pieces of the handle back together using epoxy glue. Make sure that both pieces align perfectly with each other before applying any glue so that there are no gaps or misalignments when it dries up.

Step 5:Wait for 24 hours for the epoxy glue to dry completely before using your new split grip fishing rod.

Conclusion:Making a split grip fishing rod is an easy process that only requires basic tools and materials such as a saw or knife, drill, drill bits, epoxy glue, sandpaper and a tape measure. By following these simple steps you can increase your rodโ€™s versatility and performance on the water!

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