How Do You Make a Ruffle Exaggerated Sleeve Without Fishing Line?

A ruffle exaggerated sleeve is an eye-catching and fashionable way to add a unique touch to any look. There are many different ways to make a ruffle exaggerated sleeve, but one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods is to use fishing line. This method is great for those who don’t have access to special fabric or tools, as all you need is basic sewing supplies, some fishing line and a few minutes of time.

To begin creating your ruffle exaggerated sleeve, start by measuring the length of your arm and the circumference of your bicep. You will also need to measure the length of your desired ruffle and then double that number. Once you have all of these measurements, cut two pieces of fabric with the arm length measurement plus an additional 2 inches for hemming purposes.

Next, fold over one short end of each piece of fabric in half and sew a hem along it. Then, cut two pieces of fishing line that are twice as long as your arm circumference measurement plus 6 inches for extra slack.

Take one piece of fishing line and thread it through one end of each piece of fabric so that it looks like a figure 8 with the two pieces of fabric in the middle. Now tie a knot at either end so that it is secure.

Once you have securely tied both ends, start gathering up the fabric from the middle by pulling on both ends of the fishing line until you reach your desired ruffle width (the doubled length measurement). Securely tie both ends together with another knot once you have reached your desired width. Repeat these steps for each end until you have created two identical ruffles on either side.

Finally, sew each side onto either arm opening on your top or dress and voila! You now have an exaggerated sleeve with beautiful ruffles created without fishing line!

Conclusion: Creating a ruffle exaggerated sleeve without using fishing line is easy if you follow these steps – measuring arm length, cutting two pieces of fabric with double lengths + 2 inches for hemming, cutting two pieces of fishing lines twice as long as bicep circumference + 6 inches extra slack, threading both pieces through one end to create figure 8 shape, gathering up middle part until desired width achieved and securing with knots before attaching onto garment. With these simple steps anyone can create gorgeous sleeves without breaking their budget!

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