How Do You Make a Real Fishing Rod?

Fishing is a beloved pastime for many, but in order to make the most of it, you need a reliable, quality rod. Many fishermen opt to buy their rods, but if you’re an avid angler and have some experience with carpentry, you can make your own! Making a real fishing rod requires patience and precision, but when finished and taken out on the water for the first time, it’s a feeling like no other!

The first step in creating your own fishing rod is to decide what type of rod you want. Are you wanting to use it for freshwater fishing? Saltwater? Fly-fishing? What type of fish are you hoping to catch? Different types of rods require different materials and techniques. Once you determine what type of rod best suits your needs, it’s time to start gathering materials.

You will need supplies such as graphite or fiberglass blanks, reel seats, guides (both tip-top and snake-style), cork handles or foam grips, thread wraps and epoxy or varnish.

All of these components will play a role in making sure your rod is strong enough to handle whatever comes its way while out in the water.

Next, assemble all the parts together. The reel seat should be attached first by inserting it into the butt end of the blank. Make sure that it is securely fastened so that when reeling in a big catch there won’t be any slips or loose connections.

Then, attach the guides onto the blank. This is one of the more difficult tasks as there are specific measurements that need to be followed in order for them to be placed correctly along the length of the rod. Be sure to measure twice and cut once!

Finally, wrap up all threads with epoxy or varnish. This will give your new rod extra protection against wear and tear due to constant use. Once dry and set, finish off with any desired decorations (like custom artwork) if desired.

Making your own real fishing rod can be an incredibly rewarding experience for any angler who has some craftsmanship experience under their belt. With patience and attention paid towards every detail along each step of construction, you can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will last for years.


Building your own real fishing rod requires patience and precision but is one of the most rewarding experiences an avid angler can have! First decide what type of rod best suits your needs then gather all necessary materials including graphite/fiberglass blanks, reel seats, guides (tip-top & snake style), cork handles/foam grips etc., assemble them together securely then wrap up all threads with epoxy/varnish before taking it out on a test run! With dedication throughout each step of construction you’ll have created yourself a unique masterpiece that lasts long into future fishing trips!

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