How Do You Make a PVC Fishing Pole Case?

Making your own PVC fishing pole case is an excellent way to store and transport your fishing poles. It is a convenient and economical way to protect your expensive fishing rods.

With the right supplies, it is relatively easy to make a custom-sized PVC fishing pole case in just a few hours.

Gather Materials

To make a PVC fishing pole case, you will need the following materials: PVC pipe, PVC connectors, PVC primer, PVC cement, tape measure, hacksaw, and sandpaper.

Cut the Pipe

Measure and cut the PVC pipe pieces to fit your specific needs. The length of the pipes will depend on how many fishing rods you need to store in the case.

Cut two pieces for each of your poles; one for the top half of the rod and one for the bottom half. Make sure that each piece allows enough room for any reels or additional accessories that you want to keep in your case.

Assemble Your Case

Once all of your pieces are cut, use the primer and cement to assemble them into a box shape. Use elbow connectors at each corner to ensure stability. To further secure the structure, you can use tape or glue around any joints or seams.

Covering Your Case

To complete your case and give it an extra layer of protection from wear and tear, you can cover it with fabric or vinyl. Make sure that whatever material you use is waterproof so that moisture cannot damage your poles or reels while they are stored inside.


Making a PVC fishing pole case is simple if you have access to the right supplies and tools. All it takes is cutting some PVC pipe pieces according to size, assembling them into a box shape with elbow connectors at each corner, and covering it with waterproof fabric or vinyl. With just a few hours of work, you can create a customized storage solution for all of your fishing poles.

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