How Do You Make a Magnetic Fishing Pole for Kids?

A magnetic fishing pole is a great activity for kids to do. It’s easy to make and can be done with just a few materials.

Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to get the kids outdoors and having some fun. Here’s how to make a magnetic fishing pole for kids.

Materials Needed:

1. A length of sturdy string or twine
2. A medium-sized magnet
3. A few small pieces of scrap paper or card stock
4. Pencil or pen
5. Scissors



Cut the string or twine into two equal lengths, each about 3 feet long.

2. Tie one end of each length of twine together in a knot, forming a loop at the end.

3. Attach the magnet to one end of the loop by tying it securely in place.

4. Cut the pieces of scrap paper or card stock into small fish shapes with scissors.

5. Decorate each fish with pencil or pen, drawing eyes and other features.

6. Tie each fish shape onto one end of the string, away from the magnet.

Playing the Game:

The game is simple – have your kids drop their lines into a bucket filled with water and try to catch as many “fish” as they can using the magnet on the end of their lines! For an added challenge, you can have your kids try to identify what type of “fish” they caught based on its markings.

(Note: If using real water, ensure that children are supervised at all times.)


Making a magnetic fishing pole for kids is an easy and fun activity that requires only a few materials and minimal time and effort! With just some string, a magnet, and some paper or card stock, you can create an entertaining game that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

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