How Do You Make a Homemade Fishing Rod Holder for a Boat?

Making a homemade fishing rod holder for a boat is an easy and economical way to keep your rods safe and organized. There are several different methods you can use to make a fishing rod holder, depending on the size of your boat and the number of rods you plan to store.

Materials Needed
To make a homemade fishing rod holder, you will need: PVC pipes, PVC connectors, drill with bit, screws, sandpaper, saw.

Making the Frame

The first step in making your homemade fishing rod holder is to construct the frame. The size of the frame will depend on the number of rods you plan to store and the size of your boat.

Begin by cutting four pieces of PVC pipe into lengths that will fit around the circumference of your boat. Connect these pipes together using PVC connectors to create a rectangular frame. Once connected, use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges or sharp corners that may be present on your frame.

Making Holes for Fishing Rods

Next, you need to create holes in which you will place your rods. The holes should be slightly larger than the diameter of your rods so they can easily slide in and out without getting stuck.

Use a drill with an appropriately sized bit to create holes along two sides of your frame at intervals that will accommodate all of your rods. Make sure all holes are even for an aesthetically pleasing look and that none are too close together or too far apart for safety reasons.

Attaching Frame To Boat

Once all the pieces are cut and connected together, it’s time to attach the frame securely onto your boat. Use screws or other fasteners appropriate for marine use and attach them firmly into place so it doesn’t move when underway or when waves hit it from behind. Make sure all fasteners are secure before continuing on with other steps in this project.

Making a homemade fishing rod holder for a boat is an easy way to keep your rods organized and protected while out on the water. With some basic materials and tools, anyone can make their own customized rod holder that is perfect for their needs!

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