How Do You Make a Fishing Rod Holder Out of a Pool Noodle?

Fishing is an enjoyable pastime and a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. But it can be difficult to keep your fishing rod from getting tangled or lost in the water. That’s why it’s important to have some kind of holder for your fishing rod when you’re out on the lake or river. And what better way to do that than to make a fishing rod holder out of a pool noodle!

A pool noodle is a long, cylindrical piece of foam that you can usually find at any store that sells swimming pool supplies. It’s lightweight and easy to work with, making it ideal for creating a simple fishing rod holder.

Steps To Make A Fishing Rod Holder Out Of A Pool Noodle:

1. Get your pool noodle and cut it into two equal pieces. You can use a sharp knife or scissors for this.

2. Make an angled cut at one end of each piece so that they are slightly curved like an arc.

3. Tape the two pieces together so they form an opening large enough for your fishing rod handle to fit through.

4. Drill several holes in the side of each piece, making sure they are evenly spaced out.


Use zip ties or string to attach the two pieces together securely.

6. Attach the holder to a fence post or other sturdy object close by where you will be fishing.

With this simple method, you can easily make your own fishing rod holder out of a pool noodle in just a few minutes!


Making a fishing rod holder out of a pool noodle is an easy and inexpensive way to store your rods while you’re out enjoying some time on the lake or river! All you need is some basic tools, some zip ties or string, and of course, your trusty pool noodle! With just these simple steps, you’ll have yourself a reliable and durable fishing rod holder in no time!

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